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"We have been working with Feria Law since 2013. As a foreign company with local JV partnership, it is really important to be confident and trust in service providers, which Atty. Tantoco and his team has been providing over these years: consistently, timely, diligent, and high quality service. Feria Law has been very much part of the company’s success."

– Javier Palomino, Country Manager of ABI Pascual Foods Inc.

"Feria Tantoco Daos Law Firm has been a legal and business advisor of Teleperformance for about 2 decades. All the engagements with the Firm have been handled with exemplary knowledge, integrity and thoroughness. The Firm’s competency and knowledge is unparalleled. Their legal advice has always been timely, right on point and relevant in each case. They have always orchestrated their work to protect us and mitigate our risks. We consider them as a partner in growing our business."

– Roberto “Buddy” Pe Benito, Chief Financial Officer, Teleperformance Philippines

"We've worked with Attorney Mike, Attorney Mitch and team since the very beginning of the Moment Group. Long before that, they’ve guided me on various transactions on both a professional and personal level. We look to Feria law to govern what we do and to keep us on the path of good stewardship. Their contribution to who we are and what we do is priceless. Far more than business partners, they are valued friends."

–Jon Syjuco, a Founding Partner at the Moment Group of Restaurants

"As small business owners, we are constantly evolving and in need of support and guidance. Attorneys Mike, Mitch and John always go out of their way to assist, explain, and walk us through every issue we face. Their responsiveness, trustworthiness, and care for our well being never make us feel like a small business. We feel very confident with the firm."

– Mario Lozano, Co-Owner and Chief Financial Officer of Electric Studio

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